Arno gwerder


With his bright and down to earth nature, Arno Gwerder knows exactly how to set the tone in group training. With his former
U17 / 18 national team experience in handball, he brings a great athletic background with him. He convinces as a coach with his good eye for movements and the relaxed way in which he pushes the members forward.

As a former ambitious handball player, Arno learned early on to assert himself for his goals and to celebrate success as a team player. After repeated major injuries, he decided to focus on CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting.

Shortly after his change, his great talents in Olympic weightlifting were recognized and in the 2020 season he already competes in the second highest league in Switzerland.
In CrossFit the young Muotathaler is slowly gaining experience - as the top 50 athlete in Switzerland, he takes some stepts further to the top.

His strengths as a weightlifting and CrossFit trainer are the right eye for the movements and his pleasant nature for everyone. These positive qualities make Arno as a person and help him to transfer his knowledge quickly and easily to every single person.

As a carpenter, he perfectly complements our team also as "Facility Manager".

Competition experience

  • Current: Weightlifting - 2020 National League B
  • Currently: CrossFit - 2020 Top 50 athlete in Switzerland
  • Currently: Several national team competitions
  • Member "Weightlifting Club Schwyz"
  • Handball: U17 / 18 national team (2013-2016)

Education and diplomas

  • Certified CrossFit Level 1 Coach (Basel, CH) (in education)
  • Weightlifting Seminar: Max Lang
  • Carpenter EFZ