Patrick Notz

Owner & Headcoach

Full of energy and goal-oriented - this is how "Päddy" Patrick Notz describes himself. And that's exactly where his qualities are found. With those he pushes you and brings you forward in training.

Sport has been an important and constant part of Päddy's life since his childhood. The first passion was basketball, which was the main sport for years - until he discovered CrossFit.

In recent years, he has focused intensively on CrossFit and also on Olympic weightlifting. As a top 30 CrossFit athlete in Switzerland, his professional skills and his refreshing personality, he is an indispensable part of our team! For three years he has been gaining valuable experience as a full-time personal and group trainer.

Besides the management of the company, his activities as a trainer and as a head coach he is also the "chief accountant" and responsible for the whole administration. He continuously extends his practical knowledge and completes content-related further education and courses:

Competition experience

  • Since 2019: participation in international CrossFit competitions (Belgian Throwdown)
  • Since 2017: participation in several Olympic weightlifting competitions (CH)
  • Since 2016: participation in national CrossFit competitions (Switzerland Fittest, Battle of Lucerne, Pumpi Müüs & Biss etc.)
  • Member "Weightlifting Club Schwyz"
  • Basketball: former National League B player

Education and diplomas

  • Certified CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Coach (CrossFit Basel)
  • BA of Science in Business Administration, Major Value Network Management
  • Functional Range Conditioning (Bülach, CH)
  • Z- Health Essentials (Neu-Isenburg, DE)
  • Olympic weightlifting – Dimitry Klokov (Crossfit Leman, Vich, CH)
  • Weightlifting Seminar: Max Lang
  • Strong(wo)man Seminar by Ramon Gysin (CrossFit Basel, CH)
  • Rowing Seminar by Solvej Lang (Ibach, CH)