What is

CrossFit is a new training method from the United States. The idea behind it is surprisingly simple: Thanks to a varied, high-intensity strength and endurance program, you strengthen your body and reach a new level of fitness.

Training at
1800 meters above sea level

Take the chance and improve your fitness and health with CrossFit Saas-Fee!

What is Crossfit

The goal of our CrossFit lessons is to do well and improve in the "ten domains of CrossFit"

- Endurance
- Stamina
- Maximum strength
- Speed
- Explosiveness
- Mobility
- Coordination
- Agility
- Balance
- Accuracy

To improve your fitness, we use above all the elements of the three sports and training types of weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance training

And the most important thing:
CrossFit is for all ages and fitness levels!

Defining "fitness" is not an easy thing.
CrossFit Saas-Fee sees it as the following four points:
constantly varied
Thanks to to the variety of the workouts, your body will be specialized in being fit in the most diverse areas.
The closer you get to your individual limits and train in this area, the higher the training effect.
You train exercises that you perform unconsciously and automatically in everyday life. That’s why our training helps you to be fit in everyday life and to stay fit.
Joy and passion have nothing to do with fitness. But thanks to the great atmosphere in our box, it’s definitely easier for you to achieve your personal goals.

A video says more than a thousand words

Trainers explain what CrossFit means to them (in English)