Strength training

Functional strength training not only leads to a defined body, but also has a preventive effect on injuries and it reduces the risk of falling for eldery individuals . If you practice competitive sports or would like to take part in powerlifting competitions, then you can prepare yourself perfectly with us.


In addition to CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting, we specialised ourselfs in functional strength training. The three main lifts in powerlifting (deadlifts, squats and bench press) are part of our standard strength training program, because they work on the largest muscle groups and strengthen the whole body.

Are your goals muscle enlargement, strength gain or the aesthetic appearance, we help you in personal training or with a specialised training plan to achieve your goals. Our gym is very suitable for your independent strength training. If you also like to train at classic machines, you can do your additional exercises one floor above in the Walliserhof Hotel-Fitness.

Proper weight training helps at all ages and is essential for all body types. For overweight individuals, the large muscles help to burn fat. For lighter individuals, the muscles help to become more resistant and boost the immune system to stay healthy.

At an older age, strength training helps to gain muscles, improve flexibility and balance, thus it helps to be independent and agile in everyday life. In competitive sports, strength training is the base for any further sport specific training.

What all have in common: strength training increases self-esteem enormously and makes you very satisfied, happy and proud. It is a tough but honest training.