Train 24/7 at our Fully Equipped
Open Gym

You can spontaneously pick up your desired Open Gym entry 24h/7 at the hotel reception. There you will be asked to pay and to fill in the waiver at the first entry. If you have any questions in advance, feel free to contact us.

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24 / 7

Open Gym means that you can train 24/7 individually. There you can practise the movements or follow your own training plan. The Open Gym training opportunity in our top-equipped CrossFit box in the village center of Saas-Fee is available to you at any time.

During the group classes in the box you should move to the weightlifting room, because the group class always has priority.

If you are interested in training for yourself, then contact us: 


IMpressions from Our Box

our equipment

Our box is top equipped with material from the Swiss supplier CrossEquip:

rowing ergometer

Concept 2


Concept 2



olympic barbells

15kg & 20kg

competition plates

0.5kg - 25kg

GHD - Glute Ham Developer


jerk blocks


Squat stand holds

4 Pieces

Safety Squat Bar



4 Stations

Medicine balls

6kg - 9kg - 12kg


3 Pieces

comp. Kettlebells

8kg - 32kg

Hex Dumbbells

5kg - 32kg

Skipping rope

8 Pieces

Plyo boxen

4 Pieces

Peg board

1.2m long

Rings & climbing rope


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